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Kumanov Perfumery is a family owned and run enterprise, established in 1994 in South Africa. Building on our ancient heritage we are importers of fine perfume oils and manufacturers of perfumes, creams and cosmetic oils. Kumanov proudly enables others through education in perfumery. We are the only perfumers in Africa who educate and enable others to grow from knowledge to enterprise through lectures and starter packs. We also created the first and only perfume museum of the art and history of perfume in Africa.

Women know the strong associative powers of smell and a quick spritz of your favorite fragrance can elevate your allure to amazing heights. Of the five senses, it’s the power of smell which has the most forceful imprint on memory, so it’s essential to smell absolutely delicious when making an impression and nobody knows this better than Perfumery Prive Workshop

Our team will assist you in putting your best aroma forward with a Signature Scent Creation Workshop that won’t leave you empty handed; a bottle of your perfume creation as well as a perfumed body cream will be yours to take home. Step into their fragrant world and discover what scent suits you. The technicians at the upmarket Kumanov establishment will guide you into crafting a perfume composed of original oils imported from Grasse, France that will provide the exclusive blend of oils for your perfume and body cream.

So whether you’re looking for a scent to reflect your sensual and vivacious personality, or keen for a soft, flowery fragrance, Kumanov Perfumery and Museum in Franschhoek have all the desired notes and nuances to create a blend of perfection bottled


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