About us

Kumanov  is a family owned and run enterprise,
established in 1640 by Kuman Kumanov.

His vision is now been carried forward by Daniela & Dimo each dedicated to perfection , and together not settling  for anything  less than excellence

Over the last 15 years  the company has built a solid foundation of pioneering entrepreneurial vigor, creating Perfume Prive Workshop – first and only of its kind in Africa.Today our unique and most exclusive workshops, have established a worldwide reputation for quality, luxury and elegance.

Another unprecedented milestone was the creation of the First South African Museum in 2012 in Cape Town. We pride ourselves to be the first and only perfume museum in the Africa. At the First SA Museum you can explore an extensive and comprehensive permanent collection that includes antique masterpieces. The mission of our Museum  is to act as a bridge between the rich heritage of the world of perfume, as embodied in its collection and the unique experience of each visitor. Dedicated to the primacy of the visitor experience, committed to excellence in every aspect of its collection and workshops, and drawing on both new and traditional tools of communication, interpretation and presentation, the Museum aims to serve its diverse public as a dynamic innovative, and welcoming place for leaning through the amazing art of perfume

Daniela & Dimo Kumanov established a link between their company and the designers, in order to create for them bespoke and unique scents. We have team of talented perfumers completely devoted to satisfy the demanding needs of couturiers. We are the only perfumery chosen to create signature scents for NBC Universal for the following word famous TV channels like E! Pop of culture, Studio Universal, Style, Telemundo and  Universal channel.  We also created signature cents for some of the well know South African designers.Kumanov proudly enables others through education in
We are the only perfumers in Africa who educate and enable
others to grow from knowledge to enterprise through lectures
and starter packs.




What We Like

•One to three-hour perfume workshop
•Learn to make your own perfume and cream, that can be taken home
•Ideal for team-building, women’s day, bachelorette/birthday parties, corporate/year-end functions, fundraisers
•Suitable for men and women
•Fragrances have a beneficial effect on irritation, stress and depression
•Refills of your perfume codes can be purchased at a discounted rate
•Groups up to 25 peoples in Kumanov Perfume Prive Workshop  premises
•Outside our premises there is no limit of people attending

•With decades of experience under their perfume belts, the scent savants at Perfume Prive Workshops assist an endless number of groups to create their signature scent. Using the highest-quality fragrances from around the globe, these specialist scent creators produce sweet-smelling serums free of any harsh undertones associated with low-quality chemical-based scents.

Considered to be one of the powerful senses, smell evokes long-term memory retention and association with people, places and experiences. It is deemed to affect 75% of our daily emotions and the scent receptors in noses directly connect to the part of the brain responsible for memory and emotion. Perfume workshops are especially ideal for teambuilding as research has proved that people who work in scented areas have

demonstrated a higher self-efficiency level and are more likely to adopt efficient work strategies.

Perfume Prive Workshop scent expedition begins with a brief history into the deliciously fragrant world of perfume and perfume crafting; guiding you through various base notes and perfume composition. Then you will choose original perfume oils imported from Grasse, France as the make-up of their one-of-a-kind scent. Thereafter they will mix the oils with the help of the Kumanov team until your personalized scent smells like a million bucks and then bottled for take-home. Once your formula has been recorded, you will use the same base to produce your complementing cream while you chat with friends on what you wish to name your fragrance. All supplies are included with this workshop, so budding scent scholars should only bring themselves, a bubbly personality and an eagerness to learn about scent-making.

Learn to weave your signature scent from authentic perfume oils and be the envy of all your friends and family

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